Perkins V Career & Technical Education 20212022

Form #16-054

OFFICIAL Submission can only be done by the District Administrator.


The purpose of this data collection is to determine district intent to participate in Perkins V funding for the 2021-2022 fiscal year and to certify the existence of Nebraska CTE's Essential Elements.

Submission of the data through this collection allows for participation in federally funded Perkins V activities. All school districts must determine participation intent.

The first segment of this data collection verifies the intent to participate in Perkins V funding for 2021-2022. If a district chooses not to participate, no further information is needed.

If a district chooses to participate, identification of the method must occur. Two options exist for secondary school districts:

  1. If a district exceeds the minimum federal allocation ($15,000 as defined in the Perkins Act) the district may select standalone status, or, they may join a consortium with other eligible and participating recipients. 


  2. If a district does not exceed the minimum federal allocation ($15,000), the district must join a consortium with a participating ESU or other eligible and participating recipients.

The second segment requests district official certification that all Nebraska CTE Essential Elements are in place. The Essential Elements meet the Perkins V requirement that school districts offer CTE programs that are of sufficient size, scope, and quality to be effective and meet the needs of all learners.

Due Dates

The data must be submitted no later than March 1st, 2021 to ensure the grant funds are available on July 1, 2021.